last updated: january 7, 2023
by commissioning me you are agreeing to the following terms of service:

• completion is typically 1-3 weeks from start date.
• visual references only! i don’t work from written descriptions.
• i reserve the right to decline any commission i'm uncomfortable with for any reason.
• up to 2 small revisions per sketch. further or bigger changes will incure additional fees.

• payment is expected in full before i start, all prices are in USD.
• depending on the commission type, payment is via paypal or ko-fi.
• do not send money before your commission is accepted. (not applicable to ko-fi slots)
• no full refunds once the commission is started. partial refunds may be given at my discretion.

• i retain all rights to commissioned artwork, including the right to display it in my portfolio.
• absolutely no commission, regardless of fees paid is authorized to be used for NFT minting or AI learning.
• you are not allowed to edit or trace any artwork you receive.
• please credit @alaskadotpink when re-posting.
standard/personal use: standard pricing
✅ social media avatars/banners, personal merchandise (not for sale), etc
digital commercial use: x1.5 standard pricing
✅ branding, streaming/youtube assets, youtube assets, etc
physical commercial use: x2 standard pricing
✅ printing, physical merchandise, etc

thank you for your support! ♥

my favorite pieces in these particular categories!
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artwork of my own original designs.

artwork made for multiple fandoms.

artwork made for clients.

do not use any of the artwork seen here without explicit permission.
all artwork showcased is for viewing purposes only.